What does your heart know?

colored heartsI remember when I was a kid, awake in the middle of the night, I would lay on my side and feel my heart beat in my body.  Last night was like that, the rhythmic motion soothing and hypnotic.

Just as I was starting to drift off to sleep, I thought about my heart.  What does my heart know?  What story does it tell me?

In the silence, it kept its secrets, gently rocking me back to sleep.

Hearts are like that.  They don’t share their story.  They rejoice with you, break with you, flutter in a moment of recognition but they don’t share.

Hearts are very in the moment, very in the Now.  You can’t conjure up that same feeling of heartbreak.  You can’t make it leap with joy.  And yet, we know it will break in the future just as it will jump with joy.

There are whole sciences around the heart.  The experiments being done on heart energy alone are staggering and mind boggling.  But I don’t really need to know any of that to know that my heart soothes me, carries me and provides for me more than just pushing fluid through my body.

My heart knows my story.  My heart recognizes another’s pain and happiness.  And in the middle of the night, when I’m still, I simply allow the resonance of my heartbeat to carry me back to sleep.

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